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Mobile app development is among the most steadily growing fields in software production. Since the surge in the number of mobile applications several years back, the demand for fast and convenient apps has been only increasing. In 2020 alone, it is estimated that users dedicate approximately 87% of the time they spend online to mobile applications.

Android development pros and cons

The benefits of developing for Android

Flexibility. Generally, Android presents a much less restricted environment than iOS. In terms of distribution, these apps will run on virtually any Android device, and you are unlikely to encounter any issues with hardware compatibility. The development process is also more flexible for Android.

Learning resources. Google offers an extensive knowledge base for beginners, exercises, interactive materials, and whole training programs for different levels of Android developers.

The drawbacks of Android development

Cost. Developing for Android is normally more time-consuming than for iOS. The costs increase respectively, both in development and subsequent quality assurance.

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Developing iOS apps: Pros and cons

The advantages of iOS development

Performance. iOS mobile app development is in such high demand because these applications always perform extremely well. This platform is fast, reliable, and easy-to-use, with few bugs remaining in the final build of any app.

Creating an Apple ecosystem. As far as the pros and cons of iOS app development go, this point may belong to either category.

On the one hand, having just one piece—for instance, a smartphone—that runs such a secluded OS is inconvenient for users, as it may be difficult to transfer files from one device to another. On the other hand, working with this family of operating systems allows developers to build for a whole ecosystem of devices, rather than for targeted phones only.

Sleek and flawless UI/UX. Apple provides developers with detailed guidelines for the creation of a user interface for their apps. While it may be limiting to some, this approach generally ensures an exceptional user experience.

iOS vs. Android development comparison

Future prospects

Android devices are now holding 74.4% of the global market share, which makes the future of Android app development extremely promising. iOS devices are getting cheaper and gaining more and more popularity due to their high performance and constant innovation.

Overall, it’s not productive to base your iOS vs. Android app development choices on the future outlook since both platforms will not lose popularity within the next few years.

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